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Gabe Lockwood

Gabe Lockwood has been advocating for individual human rights for most of his life. Whether abroad, in our domestic courts or in the lives of individuals he has always worked to defend, support and give hope to those in need. He completed his B.A. in Psychology, with a minor in Human Rights Advocacy and a pre-law concentration from Utica College of Syracuse University. Gabe has had a variety of business experience over the years and brings his compassionate, results driven approach to combine with the therapeutic, evidence based behavioral perspective that fosters support for all clients. Gabe firmly respects individual rights and protects the right to choose and to be supported in achieving their desired outcomes. He has brought his wide range of skills to work with our local neuro-developmentally disabled population, including interfacing with academic and political institutions in order to help support the positive and transformational work that CNY Quest undertakes daily. Gabe is grateful to be working with a strong group of professionals who serve our community and make positive changes in the lives of families and individuals every day. Through a commitment to state-of-the-science approaches and compassionate clinical care Gabe actively helps individuals thrive within our community.